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Buyer’s Agent Services



An all-inclusive service encompassing all aspects of the property purchase. Suitable for buyers who want full representation in the purchasing process.

Turnaround is typically between 7 and 28 days from engagement.

The service includes:

  • Comprehensive property search
  • Evaluation & reporting
  • Negotiation
  • Post purchase administration
  • Property management support, advice & appointment
  • Settlement
  • Post-settlement advice
  • Each of these steps is outlined in detail below.


  • Strategic property search process
  • Source hidden gems and off market opportunities
  • Inspections
  • Local area & street analysis
  • Liaise with real estate agents


  • Property assessment on shortlisted properties utilising real estate, Council and other data sources including but not limited to location, sales history, local amenities, area demographics, zoning, capital growth potential
  • Flood analysis
  • Walkthrough video provided for each property inspected
  • Comparable Market Appraisal (CMA), or price analysis of recent and comparable sales to ascertain market value
  • Capital growth assessment and return on investment analysis
  • Assess competition in the market
  • Building & renovating advice to increase capital value & rental return
  • Provide a recommendation on whether to make an offer
  • Contract review


  • Negotiate the lowest purchase price and the most favourable terms and conditions
  • Contract structuring – insertion of clauses that optimise benefits for the buyer
  • Signing contracts


  • Monitor post-purchase transactions through to settlement
  • Body Corporate, title and other conveyancing searches take place
  • Co-ordinate administrative services including legal representation, financiers, building and pest inspections and property managers to ensure essential deadlines are achieved within the scheduled timeframes
  • Oversee maintenance and pre-settlement conditions


  • If your property is an investment, we can assist with the appointment of a suitable and effective Property Manager
  • Tracy has over 10 years of experience as a Property Manager, Head of Department and Principal and Licensee of two boutique real estate agencies. This holds her in good stead to provide clients with expert and practical advice when it comes to one of the most important aspects of property investment


  • Attend pre-settlement inspection on client’s behalf
  • Ensure settlement goes smoothly


  • Continue to assist with any queries or unresolved issues such as property management, tax depreciation schedules, etc.



Some buyers only need assistance with part of the buyers’ agent service. Whether it’s evaluating, inspecting or negotiating on a property, Tracy can help. Contact Us to discuss your requirements.


There are many reasons why property buyers should engage a professional bidder to assist them on auction day. Inexperienced bidders often:

  • Don’t have a strategy
  • Don’t stick to their strategy
  • Bid against themselves
  • Bid based on emotion not logic
  • Pay more than they should have
  • Don’t understand a vendor bid
  • Are unaware when a property is actually for sale
  • Don’t understand what ‘passed in’ means and its implications
  • Allow the auctioneer and sales people around them to influence them
  • Spend more than they intended and have buyers’ remorse

We have experience bidding and winning at countless auctions. We understand the process and nerves don’t get the better of us. We stick to a clear strategy and your price limit so you won’t pay more than you have to and you won’t go over your budget. Our focus is to assist you in identifying true value and avoid being pressured into making an impulsive decision which may inevitably result in an unfavourable outcome.

The Process:

  • A discussion prior to the auction to discuss the property’s value, your budget and a clear auction strategy
  • Complete the paperwork for us to act on your behalf
  • Pre-auction offer negotiation services if required
  • Execution of bidding strategy for you on auction day
  • Post-auction pass-in negotiation services if required
  • Signing contracts
  • Post-purchase support through to settlement
  • NOTE: The auction bidding service is included in our Full Buyers’ Agent Service. Alternatively, it can be used as an independent service.



If you have found a specific property, but are unfamiliar with how an effective property negotiating process is executed, or you are simply worried you will pay too much because you may become emotionally involved, this service enables you to be involved at arm’s length with the help of a professional property negotiator and mediator. You give us the address. We will do the rest!

The Process:

  • Inspect the property
  • Present a report and walk through video, if required
  • Liaise with the real estate agent
  • Negotiate the lowest purchase price and the most favourable terms and conditions
  • Contract structuring – insertion of clauses that optimise benefits for the buyer
  • Signing contracts



For those clients who simply need a local expert to conduct inspections and report back on the findings, this service is perfect when you know your location and have the properties in mind.

My Property Scout will:

  • Inspect the property
  • Take a walk through video of the property
  • Provide you with a full report on the property including a walk through video and our comments on the property and its location
  • Generate reports related to flooding, council zoning and a comparative market analysis